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La vie en rose

Every year, in the heart of spring, the Palio del Chiaretto brings an pink explosion in Bardolino, a colour that recalls sensations of freshness, elegance and delicacy, the same as a newly blooming flower.

Right in this period of rebirth, the Palio del Chiaretto invites you to discover again the pleasure of being outdoors and having fun in company with a good glass of wine…rosé of course!

Enjoy the Palio del Chiaretto di Bardolino, an event that combines tradition and modernity, giving emotions in every sip.

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How to access the event

The Palio del Chiaretto Bardolino is open to everyone and free of charge; tickets are not required.

For the Chiaretto wine tasting it is obligatory to buy the pocket with the glass dedicated to the Palio del Chiaretto € 5,00

Where to buy them? At the wine cellar cottages along the lakefront during the event.

Each wine tasting will be chargeable starting from € 2,00

Food and wine specialities

The Bardolino Chiaretto, fresh and balanced, is a versatile wine that combines perfectly with a large variety of dishes.

Discover the Wine & food area that offers tasty traditional dishes, creating unique food and wine combinations.

The origins of Bardolino Chiaretto

Are you curious to know the origins of Bardolino Chiaretto, the best food pairings or would you like to learn more about the not-to-miss event dedicated to this refined rosé wine of the region?